Delta 1 Sights – Unboxing
& Tabletop Review

Delta 1 Sights: Range Review with 1st person POV

NRA American Rifleman Magazine Product Review

Whether you’re using your handgun to compete, hunt or safeguard your life, proper shot placement is the key to success, so having a sighting system that is quick and easy to use is imperative.
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Gear Review:
Gun Pro Delta 1 Sights

The quest for better handgun sights isn’t all that different from the quest to create a better mousetrap.
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Desert Design & Development

Gun Pro’s SURE FIRE “anti-nose diving” magazines have made me question future magazine purchases. Here’s why…
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Product Review for

There’s an old saying that if you invent a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. It is a constant source of amazement that, with astonishing regularity, either yet another…
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Range Report Review

6 Companies Selling High-Quality Aftermarket Magazines

From what I understand, this magazine “walks the walk,”…
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