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Gun Pro’s new Delta 1 Sights® offer a simple single point sight alignment that requires little or no visual and mental estimation delivering a lightning fast, precise sight alignment.
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The Sure Fire™ magazine, with the new “Nose-Dive Control Spring”, increases reliability in ALL single stack 1911 pistols using standard RN or HP FMJ bullets.
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Paul K. Gewalt
“I must say, I was impressed with the new Delta 1 Sights®. The wide open rear sight lets you see the entire target area. Simply acquire the single point sight picture... Read More
Don Hart
“After shooting with the Delta 1 Sights® I’m convinced they are for me. They undeniably set up well for competition. I was able to get fast acquisition of the target... Read More
Melissa Wurm
“I am new to shooting this year and have tried traditional sights along with the new Delta 1 Sights. I would have to say for me as a new shooter,... Read More
Tom Rolfson
““I found the concept of the Delta 1 sights to be an instinctive means of fast and accurate target acquisition. I have my new students try several firearms, one tried... Read More

Gun Sight Adjustment Calculator App!

Simple to use gun sight adjustment calculator to determine the modification needed on the sight to make the perfect shot.
This easy 4 step process will help you determine the adjustment you need for your gun sight.

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