1911 9MM 7RD Compact

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1911 9MM 7RD Compact


With Removable Base Pad (Available) 


  • Prevents Jams
  • Faster Cycling Time
  • Smooth Reliable Feeding
  • High Performance Across Various Projectile Weights and Loads
*Please Note Please check your state regulations hunting regulations etc before placing an order with this supplier. Your order may be canceled if the item is not able to be shipped to your state due to their regulations.
U.S. PATENT #9,354,007



Gun Pro™ Anti Nose-Dive Stainless magazines are made right here in the USA of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. The Gun ProAnti Nose-Dive magazine, with the new “Nose-Dive Control Spring”, increases reliability in ALL single stack 1911 pistols using standard RN or HP FMJ bullets. Polished fitted tube, spring and follower provides smooth feeding while the new patent pending Nose-Dive Control Spring offers reliable feeding angles from the first through the last round chambered. Our Gun Pro magazines are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest quality that you deserve in an essential part of your firearm. (Patent pending)


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