• Finally, a Perfect Length, a Perfect fit!

    3 Stainless Glock Front Sight Screws: Precision Reinforced Screws with Adhesive:
    • 2.5 x .45 3/16” Hex
    • 303 Stainless .148 +/- .002
    • Designed with a Reinforced Head to Shank
    *Will not fit Tritium type sights requiring short screws
  • Having trouble keeping your nut on?  Barrel nut adhesive is formulated with perfect friction and consistency to keep your nut on. Re-coat only as needed.
  • Ever loaded up for the range and arrive to find you forgot your stapler or earplugs?
    Gun Pro has your 6 covered with the "TAC TUBE™".  Hang one on your range bag and you'll always be set to shoot.  Includes all necessary products to have your back!
    Items Included are:
    • One set of 27 Decibel Ear Plugs.
    • Eight Target Tac Pins
    • One tube of Seal 1 CLP plus (Cleaner, Lubricant & Protectant all in one)